kitchen with framed JUNIQE wall art

Inspiration for Your Kitchen

Eating, chatting, reading, dreaming—so much happens in the kitchen beyond meal preparation. Discover art and décor for the kitchen, and feast on some of our most delicious designs.

Trendy art for the kitchen to satisfy your taste buds.

A healthy home

Conscious cooking has been trendy for years. While a healthy lifestyle starts with the food you buy, it actually stretches far beyond the rim of your plate.

Sharing a meal, socialising over spices and chatting over a çay all play their part. In today's world, the kitchen has evolved to an extension of the living room.

What used to be a functional realm is now a soulful and dynamic space. This easily explains how natural materials and earthy tones are making their way back into our culinary kingdoms.

A beautiful, wooden table and stone countertop make for a trendy foundation. A dollop of décor takes care of the rest. It's easy to spice up your kitchen by painting it a new colour and adding in a couple of eye-catching accessories, such as tea towels. When garnished with carefully selected wall art, you end up with a feast for the eyes.

junique framed posters in kitchen with food, nature, birds and woman junique framed posters in kitchen with food, nature, birds and woman

Keep it clean with acrylic glass

Fearful of ruining your favourite prints in the event of marinara splatter? Perhaps the wall behind your sink suffers from splashes of dirty dishwater? Acrylic glass prints are the worry-free answer to your next kitchen makeover. A swift wipe with a moist cloth will keep your favourite art looking spotless. Give it a try!