Rocking chair with rabbit juniqe cushions

Home Accessories

Our home accessories are just waiting to make their way into every room of your house. Home is where the art is—surround yourself with what you love!

Our home accessories are just waiting to make their way into every room of your house.

Pile of colourful patterned cushions

Cushions & Cushion Covers Cushions & Cushion Covers

Soft, cosy and beautiful—our cushions add the perfect touch to any bed or sofa. Black and white, or popping prints? Small and square, or large and rectangular? Our cushions are available in so many different colours, shapes and sizes. To get the look you love, simply mix and match several designs.

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Bed with UNIQE monstera print bed linen

Beach Towels Beach Towels

Sun-kissed cheeks, salty skin and sandy hair—summer time is beach time. And when you return from the cool surf, there’s nothing better than a sun-soaked towel to wrap around you. To the waves, and beyond!

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Grey bathroom with palm trees JUNIQE shower curtain

Shower Curtains Shower Curtains

Is your bathroom lacking a wow factor? Perhaps it could do with a pop of colour. Or maybe some monochrome motivation. Our shower curtain designs will make sure you forever soap up in style.

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Two hanging bath towels featuring juniqe monstera plant designs

Hand and Bath Towels Hand and Bath Towels

Dry off with your favourite design. Whether you're on the beach, in the bathroom or by the pool, our towels will steal the spotlight in every setting.

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Diamond patterned colourful fleece blanket on chair

Fleece Blankets Fleece Blankets

All you need for a relaxing evening? A hearty meal, a glass of red wine, a good movie and a soft blanket. Sometimes happiness can be so simple. Cuddle up in style with our fleece blankets.

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